Terms & Conditions

  1. At the registration process, all users must be manually authorized by the site’s administration (Administrator has entire authority to refuse any registration request without revealing the reason for rejection).
  2. All members have a direct or indirect connection to SECTECHS. No member is permitted to post (Topic, Question) that is abusive, spam, or violent.
  3. In the event that a user is found to be engaging in any unlawful behavior (testing the website, DDoS/DoS assaults, or any other attack that might harm or affect the content of the website), the site administrator has the authority to deactivate the user and take legal action.
  4. No member is permitted to submit their personal information (address, phone number, and email address) or advertisements for any company or product.

Privacy Policy

  1. The user can directly contact the administrator to request that the data in their profile be changed by emailing them at: help@sectechs.org
  2. We do not disclose your members’ data with any third party, and all cookies are deleted after the user logs out of the website.